Avignon, a city rich in heritage

About 30 kilometers away, Mas Papabiou allows you to visit the city of the popes of Avignon with its palace and famous bridge. Of course you know the song…

From its flamboyant past as the capital of Christendom, Avignon has kept an exceptional heritage, a large part of which is registered with UNESCO. Creative energy, multiple talents, places conducive to cultural awakening, Avignon, the city of festivals, vibrates all year long! On the gourmet scene, the curtain also rises in Avignon through its markets, gourmet festivals and discoveries of Côtes-du-Rhône wines. Don’t miss the pleasure !

The Villages of The Luberon

The villages of Luberon, small or large, perched or in the green valley, are a beautiful place to taste the quieter Provencal lifestyle. Around the fountains, in the shade of plane trees, in the picturesque, narrow and winding streets and on theancient cobblestones of their squares, each of the villages has its own story to tell through its heritage and architecture. Hike and visit the natural region known as as the Colorado Provencal, along with the ochre-tinged cliffs of Roussillon, passing by the Vaucluse source whose water level changes with the weather…

Must-See & Good Deals

Enjoy the Avignon Festival : 3 weeks in July with 5000 plays and other performances all over the city

Go to the vibrant indoor food market at Les Halles in Avignon

Eat at the gastronomic Sevin (formerly Chez Etienne), at the Agape

Have fun at Wave Island and its amusement parks

And more, via the Avignon Tourist Office : Avignon Tourisme (avignon-tourisme.com)